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Our homebrewed beers

Our homebrewed beers from our own brewery

We brew three types of naturally cloudy, unfiltered beers.

The term „lager“ describes various types of beer in German-speaking areas. The production of bottom-fermented beer needs low temperatures, which is why the brewing of these beers was limited to the cold winter months before the invention of coolers. Due to its good storability, it could be kept until the following autumn in cold cellars. This is why it is called lager. (to store=lagern) 

Märzen is a bottom-fermented, full-bodied beer originally brewed in March (=März)

Stout is an opaque, very dark, top-fermented beer with a soft aroma of roasted malt, with a cream-coloured, thick, lasting head. It usually contains 4-6% alcohol.

In the brew house – the copper kegs at the end of our bar – the milled malt is mixed with the mash water. The wort is separated from the draff in the lauter vat and then boiled together with the hops.

After the boiling wort has cooled in the wort cooler, yeast is added in the fermentation tank and fermentation starts. After about a week, the green beer is transferred to the storage tank for secondary fermentation and maturation.

After about 3-4 weeks, our beer is ready to serve. The naturally cloudy beer is unfiltered and rich in vitamins, minerals and protein.

Our beers A at the pub
Highlander beer samples (Lager, Märzen, Stout)                                                                         3x5cl. €4,50
Highlander Stout the irish classic half Pint
Highlander Märzen - Zwickl an aromatic, hoppy, bottom-fermented beer             0,3l
Highlander Lager - Zwickl a light, moderately hoppy, bottom-fermented beer 0,3l


Beer mixers A
beer mixed with citrus or herbal lemonade or soda water                                                                  
Non-alcoholic Radler 0,5l €4,60
Snake Bite - cider and highlander lager with currant syrup 0,5l €6,90


Highlander - Map

You can reach us with the lines U6, 5, 33, 37, 38 and 40A.
We recommend that you come by public transport, e.g. with the U6, Volksoper or Nussdorfer Straße station.